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These HTML pages are designed to allow you to find information regarding our products and services as quickly and easily as possible. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of this tool:

  Downloading .VD1, .VD2 or .VD3 files

Should a .VDx file be automatically converted into a .ZIP file when saving the file during downloading, please proceed as follows:
  • Click on the file to be downloaded with the right mouse button.
  • Choose the option ´Save Target As ....´, ´Save Link As ....´ or similar from the drop down menu.
  • In the ´Save As:´ window and the option ´Save as Type:´ select ´All Files (*.*)´ and not ´Zip Files (*.zip)´.
Alternatively, once the file has been downloaded delete the file suffix ´.ZIP´ from the file name and replace it with the correct ´.VD1´, ´.VD2´ or ´.VD3´ suffix accordingly.

  Displaying .PDF files

In order to display files with suffix .PDF it is necessary to install Adobe (Acrobat) Reader or an equivalent postscript graphic software.
(Please refer to: Downloads -> Software).

  Displaying and extracting data from .ZIP files

Files with the suffix .ZIP contain compressed or encrypted data. In order to extract data it is necessary to install a suitable decompression software, e.g., WinZip.
(Please refer to: Downloads -> Software).

  DVD auto run function

If using this tool from DVD, the program should start automatically when the DVD is placed in the drive. If not simply double click on the 'start.htm' file in the root directory.

We hope you enjoy using this program and would be pleased to hear from you should you have any comments or suggestions.

Your ABB Team

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