Smart Home and Intelligent Building Control (KNX)

ABB i-bus® KNX is the intelligent installation system that meets the highest requirements for applications in modern home and building control.

ABB i-bus® KNX is based on the simple, yet proven KNX technology which is now accepted as the world’s first open standard for the control of all types of intelligent buildings - industrial, commercial or residential.

With the ABB i-bus® KNX system, the buildings we occupy are easier to manage and control, resulting in increased flexibility, security, economic efficiency and convenience.

The operational flexibility of an ABB i-bus® KNX electrical installation allows the everyday working or living environment to be easily adapted to the individual’s needs - now and in the future.

The ABB i-bus® KNX product range includes components covering the complete spectrum of applications found in today’s buildings, ranging from lighting and shutter control to heating, ventilation, security, energy management, and many more.

The following downloads give further details on how ABB i-bus® KNX can increase the security, economic efficiency, convenience and flexibility of your building:

  • The Right Investment (.PDF)
  • Technology of Choice (.PDF)
  • System Description (.PDF)
  • The Right Decision [Solutions for Hotels] (.PDF)
  • Energy Efficieny in Buildings with ABB i-bus® KNX (.PDF)

  • Interactive Guide to Energy Efficiency in Buildings  

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