ETS2 Product Data

This section contains the product data files for importing into the ETS2 commissioning software as one download file for the complete ABB i-bus® KNX product range as well as for individual products.

To obtain the latest release information concerning the product data file, click on the 'Info' icon. Please also note the advice in the 'Help' section regarding the download files.

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Complete file

All ABB i-bus® KNX products 2011-04-11
24 MB

Download according to product:

   Product Name      Type      Date      Size      Version  
Fan Coil Actuator, MDRC FCA/S1.1M 2011-06-06 0.1 MB
Shutter Control Unit, MDRC JSB/S1.1 2010-09-22 0.3 MB
Universal Interface, 12-fold, FM US/U12.2 2010-03-24 0.5 MB
Interface to Alarm Panel L240, MDRC XS/S1.1 2008-10-27 0.1 MB
Universal I/O Concentrator, 32-fold, MDRC UK/S32.2 2008-08-09 0.7 MB
Analogue Input, 2-fold, SM AE/A2.1 2008-07-02 0.1 MB
EIB Monitoring Unit, MDRC EUB/S1.1 2008-04-28 0.4 MB
Data Logging Unit, MDRC BDB/S1.1 2007-04-23 0.2 MB
Analogue Actuator, 4-fold, MDRC AA/S4.1 2007-02-16 0.1 MB
Logic Module, MDRC LM/S1.1 2007-01-10 0.3 MB
Fault Monitoring Unit, MDRC SMB/S1.1 2005-10-17 0.4 MB
Bus Connection Terminal, black/red BUSKLEMME 2005-09-14 9 KB
Diagnosis and Protection Module, MDRC DSM/S1.1 2005-09-14 9 KB
Connection Terminal, white/yellow KLEMME 2005-09-14 9 KB
Surge Arrester US/E1 2005-09-14 9 KB
Fan Coil Controller, MDRC FC/S1.1 2005-06-29 54 KB
Uninterruptible Power Supply, 640 mA, MDRC SU/S30.640.1 2003-04-22 73 KB

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