Technical Data

The technical data describes the key technical and electrical charateristics of each product and the related application programs. The data is 'packed' into .ZIP files according to product category. To extract the data, an encryption program is required (e.g. WinZip). The individual technical data for each product can be found on the respective product page.

Download according to product category:

  •   1 Power Supplies (.PDF)
  •   2 System Components and Interfaces (.PDF)
  •   3 Connection and Wiring (.PDF)
  •   4 Room Automation (.PDF)
  •   5 Inputs (.PDF)
  •   6 Outputs (.PDF)
  •   7 Shutters (.PDF)
  •   8 Illumination and Light Sensors (.PDF)
  •   9 Heating and Cooling (.PDF)
  • 10 Control, Logic and Time (.PDF)
  • 11 Visualisation, Display and Signalling (.PDF)
  • 12 Operation (.PDF)
  • 13 Energy Management (.PDF)
  • 14 Security and Surveillance (.PDF)

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